About Us
At BIA Controls (Building Intelligence & Automation) we've bundled four decades of energy management know-how into our most recent flagship Load Controller product. We are currently installing systems in the US, Canada and the Caribbean islands, and helping companies realize tremendous utility bill savings.

Our Executive Team

Erin Clark
Chief Revenue Officer
Matt Essig
VP, Business Development
Greg Travis
Director, Communications
Richard Wickham
Head of Quality
Art LeBlanc
Senior V.P. of Engineering
Karen Pauls
Director, Customer Service
Pete Gregory
Director, Product Deployment

Our Team

Curt Jeffreys
Sr Product Design Engineer
Fanny Cheong
Accounting Manager
Michael Economides
Senior Software Engineering
Moises Toledo
Regional Sales & Support
Pete McPadden
Software Engineer, Controls

Our Board of Directors

Andrew Keim
Interim CEO / Board Member
Charlie Gay
Board Member
Chris Taylor
Board Member
Crom Carmichael
Board Member
Georg Bettenhauser
Board Member
Richard Rast
Board Member